How to look good (not) naked: Part 3

Writing this post takes me back to the time when I was writing my undergraduate dissertation; then, just like now, I feel completely out of my depth, and just like my undergraduate dissertation, it needs to be done because I said I would do it. So here we go.


This, above all, is what really matters in the end. Because, after all, fashion is completely subjective. Anyone can put an outfit together but what makes the difference is the person carrying it. Sometimes all you really need to pull something off is a f*ck-what-they-think attitude.

Sure there are fashion ‘rules’ but at the end of the day there really isn’t a right or wrong to putting fabric on your body, I mean if there was Haute Couture wouldn’t be Haute Couture. If you’re decent and/or attired appropriately and you’re happy with it then just go out there and work it!

Sometimes, faking confidence also works wonders.

There’s a little game you can play when you’re out shopping, one that I was not made aware of until perhaps the first time I ever went shopping with Sam. The point of the game is to create outfits for each other, only, you have to use the most atrocious looking pieces around. See, when I was younger Robyn and I used to play a shopping game, but it involved looking for pretty clothes and trying them on. Anyway, the first time I played Sam’s shopping game, I very clearly remember the blood orangey/red paisley print shirt with a tie front that Sam got for me; very Wild West. She also gave me a pair of rainbow/galaxy leggings but I can’t remember if that was to match the top or not. Anyhow, for this round of the game, and for future rounds, I started to get the reputation of being the worst person for it because apparently nothing looks that bad on me. But it does!

There are two things that I do during these game; fake confidence, and divert attention, but the latter is not really relevant right now. After putting on the outfit I have been given the first thing I do is really look in the mirror at myself, think about what we’re doing with our lives, laugh, and then go out there and say “You know, I don’t hate it.” It seems like a silly little thing and that it won’t make a difference but I have worn many a horrible outfits and they still somehow think I can pull it off. The truth of the matter is that I just don’t want to lose the game so I’m gonna fake that confidence.

No, confidence won’t necessarily make you look ‘good’ to everyone but that’s not the point, the point is for you to feel happy to wear what you want. If you think you look good, or if you think you don’t but you’re okay with that then go ahead and wear whatever you feel like wearing. Go out there and own it!

If you’re reading this thinking “Richelle, are you basically telling me the first two parts of this series of post is not that important because so long as you’ve got confidence you should be okay?” then yes, yes I am.

For actually useful information about confidence and what it can do, please watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race. It’s very educational.


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