How to look good (not) naked: Part 2

I was thinking about how I could make more of a distinction between what fits and what suits. I suppose, if you will, if you were to make a dress, what fits is the equivalent to the silhouette- what shape do want it to take? And what suits is the aesthetics of the dress; the fabric, the pattern, the colour.

Just because something fits well does not mean it suits you.

Clothes that suits you.

Emphasis on the you. I’m not going to tell you what will look good and what won’t because goodness knows I just about know what will look good on me. There are a butt-ton of books and rules out there that can advise better but at the end of the day, it’s really up to you. If you’ve ever had the unfortunate chance of shopping with me you’ll know that my three favourite words are “try it on.”

It’s good to have an idea of what might look good on so I’m not dismissing all of those rules and tips but you just won’t know until you do try it on. And even then, if something catches your eye, you try it on and you realise it just doesn’t look quite right don’t be completely put off, because it could be the fabric.

A work colleague of mine is getting married in September, after a failed shopping attempt she told me about the dresses she tried on and how one dress in a silky/satin material just did not look right because it clung on to areas she didn’t like. I said that that kind of material’s picky and difficult to wear to which she replied with “oh yeah it’s definitely the material’s fault” but I was being genuine. One tiny little stomach bump or “imperfection” and that kind of fabric will cling to it like there’s no tomorrow. It’s just the way that fabric is.

Clothes are meant to flatter you not the other way around. So if the fabric doesn’t work; ditch it. Try things on and see what does and doesn’t work, and be okay if it’s the latter because it’s obviously just not good enough to be on your body. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

By clothes that suit you I don’t just mean suiting your body, they also have to match what you deem to be your style. I think it’s safe to say that most people have an idea of what their personal style is like, it doesn’t matter if you can’t quite put a label on it. I’m terrible, because I know what I like but it’s a bit fuzzy. I know what looks good together but the instinct to pull different things together to create a good outfit isn’t necessarily something I readily have. In fact, I often forget that the clothes I’m buying probably should match things I already own. Cue Pinterest!

Personally, I find pinning outfits help me figure out what pieces I need and what pieces work well together. It helps reminds me that if I want to wear a full skirt and a blouse that I need a fitted blouse because a looser blouse may ruin the shape, that a baggy white t-shirt works well with a pair of black jeans for a comfy-casual look but makes me look frumpy when paired with my midi skirt. It seems so logical but I get carried away buying more ‘statement’* pieces that I forget about the basics that tie them together. Also, I love shopping but I am a lazy shopper so as soon as an item ticks the general box I don’t tend to try and look for a variation of that clothing; cardigan, tick, forgetting the fact that it’s a long, navy blue cardigan that does not work with lighter summer clothing; and countless different coloured t-shirt-y tops all on the ‘baggy’ side- for someone who considers her fashion sense to be more on the formal side I have too many casual tops… I’m working on it.

Pinning outfits are also great for when you’re too lazy to decide an outfit, assuming you have similar pieces already in your wardrobe. It’s like a lookbook that you took barely any time putting together, lovely.

It’s just a generally good place to get ideas from.

It’s great to have an idea of what you want to look for and what you want to look like but don’t box yourself in too much. I own a metallic pink midi skirt from Forever 21 and it’s one of my favourite things but it’s not really something that I would have initially said is ‘me’. Until I wore it and nothing else could be more me. I mean, it’s a pink and a skirt…

Don’t be scared of trying things on, that it might not look good.

During possibly one of the first times I went shopping with her, Sam spotted a navy blue body con dress in River Island that she didn’t think she could pull off, I disagreed and managed to convince her to try it on anyway. I don’t need to tell you that she looked wonderful in the dress but she did, I like to think I helped instil a small amount of extra confidence in her because of that. Not all tries are going to end like that but then you just put the clothes back on the hanger and you hand it over to the staff and move on.

Know what you like, get ideas, and try things on. Focus on you.




*I use ‘statement’ very loosely here, anyone who knows me knows my wardrobe is pretty safe and simple.


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