How not to have a blog…

I know, I know. It’s been three months and I have not posted anything new…

So what happened?


First there was going to be a house move.

Then a 10-day Europe trip. Then delay in the move. Then a new move date. Then a suspension on the move as renovations are spoken about. And now I think it’s a renovation instead of a move.

So long story short, I had to pack my stuff away and most things are still packed (I started packing mid-March when the weather was still cool, I eventually had to go digging for my summer clothes when England decided it was summer) and with other things going on, as terrible as it sounds, I just kinda forgot about the blog…

Terrible, I know.

But here we are! It’s time to restart. In the next couple of weeks, this blog should be up and running again so, for whoever you are reading this, you’ll have more things to  read soon. Whether it’ll actually be worth reading is never a guarantee on this blog but there we are.

I’ll be back!

– R


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