A grey day in a greenhouse


When you study in Cambridge, you get free entry to the botanical garden. I studied in Cambridge for three years but that was neither me then nor now. Nor was it that guy in his late teens, he was, however, with a girl in her late teens that does study in the correct Cambridge university. For whatever reason, standing about eight feet away from the ticket booth, the guy decided that they should at least try and see if he would get in for free, I assume he means that maybe if the girl shows her card to the ticket sales assistant that she might just nod them off and let them go. Eight feet is not a lot. I was sat equidistant away from them as they were stood from the ticket booth, I could hear everything they said word for word. Needless to say, he didn’t get in for free.

I sat and waited for Kate…

I have had my DSLR camera for at least about 5 years now and do I know how to properly use it? Nay. I have basic understanding of f-stops and shutter speeds but do I use my camera as a normal point and shoot camera instead? Yes. Is it about time I actually learnt? Probably. And that’s exactly why we ended up in a greenhouse.

The original plan was to visit Anglesey Abbey and/or Ely. Then it became March. With Olive and Kate. But then Olive had leave the country, so Kate and I reconsidered our plans. We needed somewhere interesting, outdoors are okay but we should probably have an indoor back up, somewhere not too expensive, somewhere fairly close by. For the three years I was at university and then some, I always assumed that the entrance to the Botanical Gardens was extortionate. It was not. It quickly became apparent how perfect this venue was for people who had no idea what they were doing with their cameras. So we went…

Kate and I made ourselves comfortable in the greenhouses, mostly for warmth, but it didn’t hurt that we were surrounded by interesting plants- that and the fact that the greenhouses provided fantastic lighting (even on a grey day, maybe it was even better that it was grey) just made it a perfect place for photography. Even a useless beginner like me could take a good shot in that environment.

This jumper has became my favourite. Which is funny because out of the two I bought, this was the one I bought because I needed another jumper and it didn’t look atrocious on me. I’m not one for over-sized clothing, some people might think it looks cute but on me, I just think it looks like it’s… well, too big. But this didn’t look atrocious. And I needed another jumper for Canada, so I bought it. And I wore it. And I realised how comfortable and effortless this jumper is and now we’re here. Ideally, I pair this jumper with my knee high brown suede boots but with the chance of rain and walking (the gardens were the main plan but not necessarily the only  plan), I erred to the side of caution and comfort.

It’s late winter; I’m tired of the short days, the rain, the cold, wearing boots 24/7, two pairs of socks, frozen hands, the endless layers. You want to wear that blouse and skirt? Remember to wear thermals under that blouse because the cold will just seep right into that wonderfully light fabric and freeze your core. And make sure those are your fleecy tights because you want some use of your legs right? Ugh. I’m ready for spring, I’ve gotten lazier. So this jumper has become my go to. Full day at work? Jumper. Training course at a different site where none of your coworkers will be? Jumper. Short day at work? No one will care if I put effort in today, jumper. Tutoring in London where you will literally spend the next few hours inside a house? Jumper. How long has it been since I last wore this jumper to work?

Yup. Favourite.

I tried at the accessories department. Usually when I do that it means that; a) I fell for the trick I try to play on myself by setting my room clock ten minutes early and thus I was ready early, or b) I’ve thought about this outfit thoroughly, which mostly only happens for formal events. Which proved to be neither in this case, it was a bit of a last minute idea I had after present-hunting and I saw a couple of layered necklaces set. I’m a bit of a fan. And I really wanted to do something similar.

They probably aren’t the best two to pair together but my limited necklace collection didn’t leave me much wiggle room. Chain lengths, chain types, charm sizes, charms shapes, for someone with a minimalist taste I thought my necklaces would be easy to pair but alas they were not. This was my favourite pair, I actually quite liked that they’re different metals I thought it added to the charm.

I bought the silver heart necklace from Etsy, it was supposed to be a Christmas present but the idea became too difficult to achieve and so I kept the necklace. I’m not really sorry that the themes changed, if I’m being completely honest I was coveting that necklace as soon as it arrived at my house. I was waiting for a reason not to give it away. It’s a tiny vintage locket, yes, locket. I don’t understand how you could possibly fit a photo in that tiny heart but apparently you should be able to. I have a silver ‘R’ necklace but the chain was ever so slightly different to the heart pendant which meant it didn’t quite work but this little rose gold ‘I’ necklace paired nicely.

Lastly, the shoes. These shoes have served me well and you can tell. They’re worn out and tatty and probably due to be thrown in the bin but like everything well used and loved, I just can’t. Because they are pretty damn comfortable. So comfortable that it managed to keep me on my feet comfortably for a three day whiz around Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris, where we literally did not stop walking apart from to sleep, eat and sit on the coach to the next city. I was tired, so mentally and physically exhausted by the end of it but thanks to those shoes, I was pretty much the only one without shoes related issues. Pro Amateur tip: if you’re only bringing one pair of shoes on holiday, don’t listen to other people looking for the most comfortable trainers because that’s the ‘sensible’ option, go with whatever footwear you have acquired the most miles out of. Old and reliable is always better than new and supposedly comfortable. If you want new and comfortable, at least wear them in sufficiently first (at which point they become old and reliable anyway).

So yes, they’re old and worn but for comfort, they’re one of my absolute go-to’s.


Jumper- Forever 21 (similar: 1 2)

Jeans- A&F

Shoes- New Look

Silver Heart Locket- Etsy (vintage)

Rose Gold ‘I’ Necklace- Posh Totty

Photography- Kate


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