Foggy adventures


When someone tells you that you can’t possibly spend 8 hours in a small town most people would probably agree and move on to somewhere different. Not us. At 9am on a foggy Saturday morning, Olive went into work and Kate and I found the nearest coffee shop to find refuge in. We had hoped that the fog would lift but alas it did not, so after an hour or so sipping tea, Kate and I chose a direction and walked.

In preparation for a walking adventure, I chose an oldie but a goodie brown knee high boots. What I didn’t prepare for, however, was the mud. A walking adventure in a little town just didn’t prepare me for the mud, I expected cobblestones or worn paths but not mud. My mistake. To be fair, we only encountered mud due to our own curiosity, Kate found a tree she wanted to photograph and from there we saw a few dog walkers take a tree-covered path to we don’t know where so we followed.

We encountered a set of stone steps that led to a fenced off/gated area which meant we had to turn around and continue on the straight path but eventually the path forked. We followed one in hopes that we’d come back to the other after lunch, which we never did as we got lost in all the curiosities in the Antique Cellar after lunch. English winters just never allow for late afternoon strolls in wooded areas. But it just gives us an excuse to come back another day.

We were staying at Olive’s house for the weekend, and because I was carrying presents too I didn’t want to end up being a bag lady on my way, so for that weekend, I went for packing layers. And unknowingly wearing the same jumper I wore in my first post for my second. I mean… For this post I’m showing you how versatile a good jumper is, you can either wear as is for warmer winter days or layered for colder ones. If you’re like me, you’ll also wear a top underneath the blouse/shirt because it’s all about light layers when trying to fend off the cold.

Another must for a cold winter day for me is a snuggly coat. This grey French Connection coat fits a lot more snug than my other coats which, at first, I found to be a bit annoying as I often layer thinner and thicker cardigans when it gets too cold but after a few uses, I realised that the snugness makes up for my inability to layer. If anything, I sometimes prefer it as I don’t feel like a giant ball of knitwear. The only downside is that it’s not a petite fit which means the waist sits just a little lower than I’d like and the coat is generally just a little longer (if you look closely, you’ll see I’ve folded the sleeves over). The coat also features a full zip which I had to get used because I much prefer buttons and belts, also, with the coat being just a little too long, the zip start a lot lower than where I would like. Otherwise, I love the shaping of this coat and its simplicity is perfect.

I’ve already mentioned that my boots are an oldie, they were bought from a Kurt Geiger outlet store and were in the sale for £30/35 as an ex-display. I don’t know if anyone else noticed but because they were, well one was, an ex-display it meant that one boot was actually just ever so slightly lighter than the other. After a while you really couldn’t tell the difference. Nine West is known for pretty good quality shoes too so, since I was lucky enough for it be in my size, I bought it and it has definitely paid for its actual retail price already with the amount of use I’ve had from it. I really ought to clean and polish it and send it to be reheeled…

As for accessories, a must for any type of adventures is my camera, and a well-used (you never know where you’ll end up so make sure it’s something that you won’t mind getting a little dirty or scratched) bag big enough to fit everything I feel that may be important (just in case) but not too bulky that it’ll get in the way- another oldie but a goodie, that poor guy has seen many a-things. Lastly, although I didn’t really wear it in all of the photos, I have to give a shout out to my Ravenclaw scarf that you can just about see in a couple of the photos.


Coat- French Connection (similar: 1 2)

Jumper- Anthropologie

Blouse- H&M

Jeans- Abercrombie and Fitch

Boots- Nine West limited stock (similar: 1 2)

Bag- Accessorize

Photography- Kate


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