Paris Hour


I debated publishing this outfit, not because I don’t like it, the complete opposite actually, but I wanted to be more up to date with what I published and this was taken late October last year. But I really like this outfit, and I really liked this day.

My friends and I went to Paris in October last year, we had all been before so after a very lazy first day, our second day was spent ambling our way through patisseries and boutiques and cute little back streets of Paris before heading to Gallerie LaFayette.

After browsing and eating, we decided to make our way to the terrace and by complete accident we stumbled up there at the perfect hour; I believe the photographers like to call it the golden hour. The sun was just starting to set and Paris was awash with a beautiful glow, with a view like that you could understand why people fall in love with the city.

This photo was actually not planned at all, it wasn’t going to be my first blog post, I was the one with the camera that day. But for a little while, Hera took the camera and told me to go stand near “that thing”. “That thing” happened to be a bin, and on my way to the bin (pretty sure there was a joke about me belonging in the bin- if there wasn’t, what a wasted opportunity) I believe I scrapped my shoe on the floor accidentally and it made a funny noise.

So I obviously had to do it again, and that’s exactly what I was doing on that second photo.

I could pretend it was all on purpose and the shoot was set up to look like that and I’m such a natural but where’s the fun in that?

Anyway, unto to the clothes!

I love that navy skirt, I bought it from New Look probably about six years ago and I hadn’t worn it much recently but I dug it out specially for Paris. It originally had a bow on top of one of the pockets but I didn’t really think it needed it so I took it off. I’m considering buying a petticoat to go wear under this skirt because I just love the looks of full circle skirts, and it’s great for adding shape to my otherwise shape-lacking body. And who doesn’t love to twirl whilst wearing full skirts?

I would have wanted to pair this outfit with some heels; boots or shoes, but I just didn’t think it was quite appropriate for walking around Paris all day. I actually bought those shoes not because I really liked them but because I needed a pair of black flats for work and they were the ones I liked best out of the cheap pairs I was looking at. I changed jobs soon after I bought those shoes, thankfully I do actually like them so it didn’t feel like such a waste and they were soon incorporated to my everyday wardrobe.

The jumper I’m wearing is from Anthropologie, I actually only bought it to get free delivery but I tried it on and I quite liked it. The material is fairly thin but I didn’t have too much of a problem as it was warmer than expected, I was wearing a coat with this outfit when we left the apartment but actually, it wasn’t too bad without a coat. I later wore this jumper again with a blouse underneath, perfect for layering (great if you’re like me and get cold very quickly, light layers are the way forward!).

One thing that needs to be said is that I am terrible with accessorising, I forget that that’s a thing that can add to your outfit. So most of the times, I will just have my watch on. I actually want to get a more expensive watch that’ll last, the problem is that it’s difficult to find one that I like AND that will not eat up my whole wrist. I’m all for the modern, clean looks of watches like Olivia Burton but I have very skinny wrists which means normal sized watch faces are already too big, let along oversized ones! The ones I’m wearing are from ASOS and are just the perfect size, skinny straps and a small (but still easily readable) clock face.


Hat- H&M (similar)

Jumper- Anthropologie (similar: 1 2)

Skirt- New Look (similar 1 2)

Shoes- New Look (similar)

Watch- ASOS (similar in black)

Photography- Hera*

*(Hera will you take this as a hint to get started with your blog?)



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