How (not) to start a fashion blog

First, you get a friend who is debating whether or not to start a book blog.

Second, jokingly tell that friend that if she starts a book blog that you will start a fashion blog. Wait for said friend to say no, unexpectedly get a yes and then wonder what you got yourself into. Exactly when was the last time you stepped into a clothes shop?

The key ingredient you will need is to tell another friend of this fashion blog idea. This is key because months down the line when you meet up for Christmas she will mention your blog and give you that look- this is your motivation, you told her and now you have to follow through with it.

So here we are!

If you’ve just accidentally happened across my blog (and are not a friend or relative); hi there! My name’s Richelle and this is my personal (mostly) style blog.

Wait, why is there a “mostly”

I’m getting to that…

One of the reasons I didn’t start this blog as efficiently as I could have is because I wasn’t really sure in what direction I wanted this blog to run. I did my research; petite fashion blogs, Asian fashion bloggers, budget-friendly, bloggers based in America and England and all over Europe, people who travel and people who don’t.

I love clothes, looking good helps me feel good. I also love helping people find the right clothes for them- it seems a little cliche but I definitely think a good outfit can give you that little bit of confidence you might be lacking that day, it makes you walk a little taller. But the thing is, I’m not sure all I want to focus on are clothes. I love clothes but there are also many other things I love doing and I probably will want to talk about.

I debated just starting a general blog about anything and everything, about my life, but I have a tendency to ramble on. Like right now. So I need some focus, hence the “mostly”.

Five One will focus on petite fashion but expect a little of others things to be mixed in; stories, travels, analogies… we’ll see how it goes. But there will definitely be clothes, new pieces, old pieces, pieces that I like to re-use over and over again because what’s not to like about things that stands the test of time? (That and I haven’t grown in the last ten years so if the skirt (still) fits!) Anyway, no one wants to dress exactly like me so there might be less links to the exact pieces but I will be posting links to similar items.

I would like to say that I’ll post one a week but I think once a fortnight might be more realistic. I’m still trying to get used to asking people to take photos of me, and just me, trying to look good. Why am I doing this again? It’s an on-going project, I don’t know what will and won’t work but that’s part of the fun right? Yes, okay. Let’s do this thing!





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