Foggy adventures

When someone tells you that you can't possibly spend 8 hours in a small town most people would probably agree and move on to somewhere different. Not us. At 9am on a foggy Saturday morning, Olive went into work and Kate and I found the nearest coffee shop to find refuge in. We had hoped that… Continue reading Foggy adventures


Paris Hour

I debated publishing this outfit, not because I don't like it, the complete opposite actually, but I wanted to be more up to date with what I published and this was taken late October last year. But I really like this outfit, and I really liked this day. My friends and I went to Paris… Continue reading Paris Hour

How (not) to start a fashion blog

First, you get a friend who is debating whether or not to start a book blog. Second, jokingly tell that friend that if she starts a book blog that you will start a fashion blog. Wait for said friend to say no, unexpectedly get a yes and then wonder what you got yourself into. Exactly… Continue reading How (not) to start a fashion blog